We teach a short beginners course, which consist of four one hour lessons, to really get you into Tai Chi. The next month we build on what you have already learned with new Tai Chi techniques and energy building Chi Kung. If you wish to repeat at any time you can.

Upon completing the foundation courses you will progress onto the famous Yang Tai Chi form where you will learn new techniques for Building your Energy, Being Calm and generally Building Your Health and Concentration.

You will learn to improve posture, energy, balance, concentration. You do not have to be fit to be able to do Tai Chi, just to be able to stand unaided.

  • CLOTHING: Loose fitting clothing, e.g. track suits, leggings, t-shirts, sweatshirts, trainers, or soft shoes.
  • ARRIVAL: At least 5 minutes before the start of the new course in order to enrol. If you wear reading glasses, please bring them with you on the first night to fill in your form.
  • BOOKING IN: Please E-MAIL TO RESERVE A PLACE. Please leave your name and phone number or e-mail address for confirmation. Places on the day are limited.
  • FEES & DURATION: Taster sessions are available - email me for details. Class fees are per month, payable on the first week. Each class lasts for 1 hour.
  • COURSE TEXT BOOK & DVD: A book and DVD are available for the Long Form (produced by Master John Hine) to accompany the course, which you will find beneficial to your training. These are available through your instructor.

PLEASE NOTE very occasionally class dates have to be changed at short notice due to circumstances beyond our control. We request that all students are vaccinated against COVID-19 and do not attend class if feeling unwell.