I am Kevin Mullins, the class instructor. I am a professionally qualified Chartered Civil Engineer working on prestigious projects in London, but my passion is for the Internal Arts.

Whilst there appears to be a vast disparity between my job and my passion of Tai Chi I see many similarities. They both seek structure within nature and work with elemental forces. If you get the structure right the function flows naturally. Engineering was described by engineer Thomas Tredgold in 1828 as "...the art of directing the great sources of power in nature for the use and convenience of man." The same is true in the microcosm of the self. Tai Chi harnesses the power of the body and the mind to aid the practitioner.

Throughout my training I have always sought balance. Tai Chi is an excellent system to improve strength, co-ordination, balance, health and mental acuity. Through practice of the different elements, meditation, energy work, and the form these can be combined to enhance your everyday life.

The other systems that I train in, namely Xingyi (Hsing Yi) and Bagua (Pa Kua) aid me to see a different side of my skill and personality, broaden my perspectives and help me to grow into a better person.

Practical applications are the true test of skill and ability. To get the technique right under pressure, and whilst having to contend with a third party, is a test of skill. Once you have skill the technique will become effortless yet powerful. There is a saying that "Kicking is like walking, and punching is like waving hands". This is an analogy for life. We are all striving to be successful, confident, respected, healthy and happy. If we can do this easily then we will enjoy life and make the most of it.

I am passionate about Tai Chi, and I love teaching its benefits to others and seeing them grow in both core strength and confidence.